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ExpertAssist - Fast solutions for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 challenges

CRM projects can be like chess - simple to learn but a lifetime to masterCRM projects can be complex.  The concepts are simple, but the reality is much harder.  Each implementation is unique, tailored to your business and your needs. CRM can be like chess - simple to learn but a lifetime to master.

And not all CRM implementations are as straightforward as they could have been - for a variety of reasons. So if something's not running smoothly, it can be hard to pinpoint the issue - and harder to find the correct solution.

ExpertAssist can be used for specific problem solving to provide fast solutions, or for ongoing CRM mentoring while you build your own solution.

Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 (like all similar technologies) requires a range of activities to happen, including workshops, software changes, data analysis, testing and training.  To provide all of these activities involves a range of skills - problem-solving, communication, facilitation, solution design, training, data migration, and software configuration skills.  So, it is hardly surprising that sometimes something slips.

CRM projects can seem like Henry Longfellow's little girl - "When she was good, she was very good indeed. But when she was bad she was horrid". Dynamics 365 projects might not have curls or foreheads, but they can still easily seem like Henry Longfellow's little girl - "When she was good, she was very good indeed. But when she was bad, she was horrid".

When this happens, it can take a long time to figure out which piece went wrong, or why something is not working as expected.  You can either take the time to find the problem yourself and hope that you, or one of your team, have the skills to fix it, or you can call on ExpertAssist to work with you and find the problem, usually in a fraction of the time.  And because Opsis' consultants have already worked on many hundreds of projects, it is highly likely that they can pinpoint the fix for you as well.

Opsis' ExpertAssist is a great way to get guidance from a CRM expert who has years of experience solving problems just like these when you're not sure where to start.



ExpertAssist gives you and your team a half-day or a full-day session with our Lead D365 Consultant, Gill Walker, where you set the agenda.

expert assist wordleOpsis' ExpertAssist - help and advice with challenging CRM questions and CRM problems with Microsoft Dynamics 365

    • If you want to review your Dynamics 365 CRM implementation and how it aligns with your strategy and goals, Gill can do that for you.
    • If you want a second opinion - either because you believe that Dynamics 365 should or could be delivering more, or you want to be reassured that your implementation is as good as it can be, or that it is lacking - Gill can do that.
    • If you have issues in one part of your business with configuring specific forms or getting processes to work as you want, Gill will look at those.
    • You may want to do a practical hands-on exploration of data querying and reporting options
    • Or you may want Dynamics 365 mentoring while you develop your own solution.

You might even want a mix of all the above!

Whatever you want, Gill will use her decades of CRM experience to solve your problems.  She'll do it on the spot wherever possible.  Alternatively, you may get guidance on a direction to take, or there may be an issue to investigate and follow up on.  Whatever it takes.  That's the ExpertAssist motto!

If you haven't worked with Opsis before, ExpertAssist is an ideal way to meet us and get immediate benefit from our experience and understanding of CRM.

We also have clients who have run a series of ExpertAssist sessions for different parts of the business to reinforce earlier training on Dynamics 365 or support the team on how to handle new business needs or scenarios which have arisen since CRM was first implemented.

If you'd like some ExpertAssist Dynamics 365 advice to help tackle some of your CRM challenges, contact Opsis today!



Gill has written a story about the seven challenges of DIY CRM - read it here.