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Your journey to CRM Success with Dynamics 365

Earlier this year, Gill Walker was invited to speak to the Pakistan Urdi Hindi Microsoft Dynamics 365 Bootcamp.

This presentation combines several journeys, including how you can ensure that your journey with Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a successful journey.

Gill Walker presents: Five ways to increase business profit – with your CRM

This presentation is certainly not all about money - although we touch on money.  Successful CRM is different in different organisations.  For sure, if you are in traditional sales, knowing more of the ways that CRM can help you make more money, and especially more profit is useful.  If you are in a customer support function, where your role is to respond quickly and accurately to customers' enquiries, knowing how CRM can enable to help, more customers in less time may be your reason.  In marketing, you probably want to know how the marketing automation part of CRM can move people further down the the funnel.  If you are not-for-profit, you may be most interested in how you can manage more events and more volunteers.  And finally, if you are in a supervisory position, you will want to know that your CRM can generate the reports that you need to see problems before they arrive, and to run your business.  Successful CRM can deliver all of this. 

In this highly informative and entertaining presentation 'Five ways to increase business profit – with your CRM' , Gill Walker:

  • Redefines business profit
  • Shows you how you can increase your profit – regardless of industry – by using your CRM's powerful functionality
  • Reveals how successful CRM can help you achieve this outcome

With over two decades of CRM project implementation expertise, Gill demonstrates powerful and practical tips on how you can monetise and measure the value of your CRM, making it a highly profitable part of your business.

Gill presents what you need to consider to ensure that your CRM is destined for success.

Breaking the Barriers of Marketing Automation in Microsoft Dynamics 365 with ClickDimensions

This is a more technically-focussed presentation than this title has been previously and includes a high-level comparison of Dynamics 365 Marketing and ClickDimensions.

Gill Walker delivered this presentation for the Brisbane Dynamics 365 user group - Gill was at home in Sydney, and the user group members and guests joined her via Microsoft Teams.

Overview Demo of Sales Functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Gill Walker ran an online overview demo of Dynamics 365 for clients of CTO training in Queensland.  This demo focussed on the sales functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and highlighted how this out-of-the-box functionality meets 80% (or more) of most organisations' needs - if it is used correctly.

The Seven Sins of Dynamics 365 Training - recorded presentation below

Gill Walker is passionate about education and training as a key part of the success of a CRM project.  She is particularly passionate about quality training, so that the particpants do truly learn the processes and skills required.  Gill gets very upset when she encounters 'tick box training' - ineffective training done so that someone, or an organisation can say that they have done training - when really the training was so ineffective that it might as well have not been done. 

A Microsoft Dynamics 365 project can make you $millions or cost you $millions. Over half of the ERP project surveyed in the 2019 Digital Transformation survey experience operational disruption when they go live. Worse than that, the average budget overrun is bwetween 50 and 300%.

Training is key to ensuring project success, so that you stay on the right side of this. In this session you learn how to keep your project ‘in the black, not the red’.

Gill presented "The Seven Sins of Dynamics 365 Training" to the Women's BizApps group in Sydney.  To understand these Seven Sins, which are commoner than you might imagine, and to keep them well out of your project, watch this recorded presentation. It is so easy to let one (or more) of these ugly sins into a training program.  Although this presentation is focussed on Dynamics 365, the same seven sins can derail any training - technical or non-technical.  They usually creep in because of time or budget constraints (which may themselves arise due to inadequate understanding and education).  However, they can end up costing huge amounts, because of the

  • Poor, perhaps technically unsound, design
  • Incorrect implementation
  • Poor usage and user adoption

that they frequently create.

If you want any advice about your Microsoft Dynamics 365 training, Gill Walker is very happy to help.  Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or book a coffee catch up with Gill here .

The Mystery of CRM Success - Unpacked


Why Opsis?

Opsis is all about the clarity, security, and success of your Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

Gill Walker - Dynamics 365 trainer (MCT) and CRM Success Catalyst

Hello, I'm Gill Walker, the Principal of Opsis.  My commitment is your success with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

My knowledge and experience are available to you through education, consulting, training your team, and speaking at conferences and other events.  I speak and train in person and virtually / online. 

I am a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and the President of the NSW chapter of Professional Speakers Australia (PSA).  I have been a Professional Member of PSA for several years.  I am a Microsoft Certified Professional and I hold the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Functional Consultant Associate, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Functional Consultant Associate, and the Microsoft Dynamics 365 / Power Platform Solution Architect awards. I am also a ClickDimensions Certified Consultant.

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Five fundamentals of a foolproof CRM implementation strategy by Gill Walker

Five Fundamentals of a Foolproof CRM Strategy

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